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A Resource Guide to Engaging Employers

A Resource Guide to Engaging Employers

A Resource Guide to Engaging Employers

A Resource Guide to Engaging Employers, written by Randall Wilson, PH.d. and offered on the Jobs for the Future website, presents working models of successful employer engagement and lessons for securing and sustaining partnerships with employers. It was written to help education and training providers fully realize the value of strategic, long-term, and intensive partnerships with employers. The resource leads readers through a continuum of activities supporting these partnerships, with each level involving deeper engagement and integration of employers into the work:

  1. Advising
  2. Capacity-building
  3. Co-designing
  4. Convening
  5. Leading

Cornerstones of Completion: State Policy Support for Accelerated, Structured Pathways to College Credentials and Transfer

CornerstonesIn spring 2012, after a year of intensive data analysis and planning, the colleges participating in Completion by Design announced strategies for creating clear, structured routes through college for more students, often referred to as accelerated, structured pathways to completion. These strategies contain elements unique to each college, but all drive toward helping students enroll early in program streams that lead to a major, and keeping students engaged and progressing until they complete credentials with labor market value.

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