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Danville ACEC warns against GED Scams

ImageThe Danville Adult and Career Education Center is doing its part to help crack down on the issue of fake GED certificates and high school diplomas that are being issued by companies on the Internet.

Jackie Rochford, coordinator of the Danville ACEC, said that people obtaining fake GED certificates and high school diplomas has been an issue for years, but GED testing centers are seeing more of the problem. Rochford said that most people realize they have been scammed when they take the fake certificate or diploma to an employer, job training or a university.

Rochford explains that people who work in college or university admissions offices are trained to know the difference between a real certificate and a fake one. She said that in order to gain admission to any college or university, a GED or high school diploma must be sent from the high school or testing center directly to the college’s admissions office. Rochford said that admissions offices do not accept any diploma or GED certificate brought in by a student.

“People go with whatever certificate they think they’ve earned, and usually the college says they cannot accept it because it is not a real GED certificate or high school program,” said Rochford. Click here to read the rest of the article.