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Math Scores Add Up for Hispanic Students

math stats upMath Scores Add Up for Hispanic Students: States and School Districts Notable for Recent Gains by Hispanic Students in Mathematics – This report shows significant gains in math achievement by Hispanic fourth- and eighth-graders across the nation—the equivalent of one grade level in the last ten years (2003-3013). Using data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress, Child Trends reviewed and compared fourth and eighth grade math scores in the nation, states, large cities, and select school districts. – Read more at this link.

The Condition of Education, Yearly Reports from the NCES

Read the NCES reports on the Condition of Education from



Young GED Examinees and Their Performance on GED Tests

GED Testing Service has released the research study, Young GED Examinees and Their Performance on the GED Tests.


This study provides a comprehensive picture of GED examinees between 16 and 19 years old. What are their characteristics and how do state policies on minimum age influence their test performance? Study results show that younger GED examinees needing additional documentation and approval before testing performed comparably to examinees at the states’ standard minimum age. States with stricter age requirements may possibly encourage early test-takers to thoroughly prepare. In addition, the study suggests that taking and passing a practice test has a positive association with obtaining a GED credential. –GED Testing Service

The full report can be found on the GED Testing Service web site at this link:

Youth Statistics

The National Youth Employment Coalition provides some startling statistics, such as:

Every day, an estimated 2,500 students across the nation drop out of high school. (Keith Melville, The School Dropout Crisis, The University of Richmond Pew Partnership for Civic Change, 2006, 1,

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