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Recent Stats on the Foreign-Born in Virginia

U.VA. Study: One in Nine Virginians is Foreign-Born  (3-4-2014)

Foreign Born Map([/) One in nine Virginians was born outside of the United States, while 40 years ago that was true of only one in 100 Virginians, according to University of Virginia researchers in the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service’s Demographics Research Group. Foreign-born Virginians make up 15 percent of the state’s workforce. This finding and others related to immigrants in Virginia are detailed in a Census Brief released today, the third in a series of short publications depicting trends in census and other data of interest to the commonwealth.

Virginia Foreign-Born Population Percentage by County

This application provides summary profiles showing frequently requested data items from various US Census Bureau programs. Profiles for the Foreign-born are available for the nation, states, and counties as a state map, ranking graphic, and table format. (Map below is similar to but not the same as the interactive map on the site. 2013-change (

2011 Poverty Rates – Interactive Map from the USDA

Click on this link to get Virginia poverty rates county by county. Hover your cursor over the county to get the percentage.  A chart with all the county statistics sits below the map.

Poverty VA 2011

Half in Ten shows poverty data per congressional district:

2011/2012 GED Statistical Report for Virginia

Click on this link to see the full PDF document for GED statistics for Virginia in FY 2011/2012.


2010 VAACE Fact Sheet

Click here for information about adult literacy in Virginia in 2009-2010

Graduation Rates Map

The EPE Research Center at offers an interactive graduation rates map of the United States. You can quickly find statistics about your region and district by entering information in the fields at the left. The second image shows graduation rates for Richmond City. When you click on report on the drop down menu, you will receive a detailed 7-page report about your particular area. Click here to enter the site.

First page of site

First page of site

Richmond map

Richmond map


U.S. Census Update for Virginia: 2006 – 2007

Double click on the image for a larger view:

Finding American Community Survey Data in American FactFinder:

  • Click on this link (
  • For the New User: Type in your city/town or county to access a fact sheet with the newest data from ACS. Fact sheets have selected general, social, economic, and housing characteristics. The fact sheet defaults to the latest data available for the geographic area. There are 2006 data available for population areas over 65,000. Additional tables and maps are available in the people and housing sections.
  • For the experienced User: Experienced users will want to go straight to the detailed results of the ACS by accessing Data Sets then American Community Survey.
    • Data Profiles – Highlights demographic, social, economic, and housing characteristics along with a narrative summary for all geographies.
    • Selected Population Profiles – View highlighted characteristics for race, ethnic, and ancestry groups that meet a population threshold a the national and state levels.
    • Ranking Tables – compare key indicators across available states.
    • Subject Tables – See more detail on frequently requested information for a single geographic area.
    • Detailed Tables – Access hundreds of data tables indexed by topic and available geography.
    • Geographic Comparison Tables – Compare data across available geographies in the same table (i.e., all the available counties in a state by topic).
    • Thematic Maps – Develop customized maps that reveal geographic data patterns for dozens of themes
    • Reference Maps – View boundaries and identifiers of a selected geographic area.
    • Download Center – Download up to 50 selected tables or whole data sets where available.

Regional Office Contact: Charlotte – 1-800 – 331 -7360

Wayne Hatcher, 704-424-6400

or contact the Census Bureau’s Customer Services Center at 301-763-INFO or 1-800-923-8282

Virginia Fact Sheet

STATS for Virginia

This comprehensive site from STATS Indiana offers demographic profiles of USA states and counties. Click here to enter the page, then select Virginia from the drop down menu. You may then select a particular county. The information below is for Virginia. Note that our national rankings are included, but they are not live links. You will need to go to the site for additional information.