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Improving Internet Access and Connectivity in Virginia

The three websites listed in this post will help you find:

Accelerate Virginia logoAccelerate Virginia allows your to zoom to a location and run a speed test of the service provided. All you need to do is follow the instructions. The Accelerate Virginia speed test represents a realistic user experience of connection speed at a single moment in time, not the theoretical potential of an actual connection type.  Click here to enter the site:

virginia internet dataVirginia ranks among the top 16 states in the use of IT and digital technology in government services, but only 37th in access to high-speed broadband. Many localities offer superior digital government services, but there is significant disparity among regions in broadband access. Click here to read the full article on Virginia Performs, logoEveryoneon is a national campaign to connect everyone to internet access. The campaign is sponsored by Connect2Compete (C2C), and made possible through partnerships with corporations, Internet providers, digital literacy organizations, workforce centers, and advocacy groups. Click here to learn more about the resources and how to find low cost internet access, classes, and computers.


Nearly 1/3 of Americans Access News Via Their Smart Phone Apps

Mobile devices are adding to people’s consumption of news, strengthening the lure of traditional news brands and providing a boost to long-form journalism, according to the Project for Excellence in Journalism’s ninth annual State of the News Media study. Roughly a third of those who get news on conventional computers now also get news on a smartphone. At the same time, a fundamental challenge has intensified — the extent to which technology intermediaries now control the future of news.

Click here to read the Pew Research Center study: State of the News Media 2010


Online Usage Statistics

Sharing Privacy and Trust in Our Networked World is filled with information, graphs, and statistics about online usage and searches. The following graphs show internet use by age and activities. Click on the link above for more detailed information (this 280 page PDF document takes a long time to download). Double click on the images below for the full size: