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Health Literacy: What Others Are Doing

ama-logoThis Health Literacy Site from the American Medical Association has been designed to help programs build their own health literacy efforts. Ideas and activities are included from other national and state/regional groups as well as links to useful information.

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Health Literacy Facts

medical_symbol_121. 88% of American adults have health literacy skill below the “proficient” level. This means that they cannot…

  • Find the information needed to define a medical term in a complex document.
  • Judge information to decide which legal document applies to a certain health care situation.
  • Calculate a person’s share of health insurance costs for a year using a table based on income and family size.

(Source: The Health Literacy of America’s Adults: Results from the 2003
National Assessment of Adult Literacy)

2. The estimated added annual cost to the health care system due to low health literacy: $106-238 Billion

(Source: Low Health Literacy: Implications for National Health Policy
Vernon, J. Trujillo, A. Rosenbaum, S. DeBuono, B. October 2007)



(Image Source: Strategies to Improve Communications Between Pharmacy Staff and Patients, downloaded 12-3-08 from: