America’s Civil Courts:Whom Do We Serve?

America’s Civil Courts: Whom Do We Serve?

Civil courts

This website offers consumer-oriented solutions that require a deep and
accurate understanding of the people being served. Each county is
different, with unique communities of people, needs, resources and service

Every year in America, tens of millions of people find themselves in court, without a lawyer, lost in a system built for lawyers.

The Justice for All Project has called on Access to Justice Commissions and coalitions around the country to develop consumer-oriented, comprehensive strategic plans. These plans will support 100% access to effective assistance for essential civil legal needs through court simplification and offering a continuum of services to include information, advice and appropriate levels of representation.

This tool showcases publicly available data to help inform service design and identify collaborative opportunities that best meet the needs of individual counties, while also laying the foundation of future research and evaluation.

SCROLL DOWN THE LEFT SIDE OF THE SITE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT YOUR COMMUNITY. Click on the maps until you enter the state or county you are looking for.

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