Adult Learning in Focus: National and State by State Data

adult-learningAdult Learning in Focus: National and State-by-State Data

State policymakers care now, perhaps more than ever before, about the educational attainment of their states’ working populations. They also care about the responsiveness of educational systems in their states to the needs of adult learners. But relatively few have the data they need to understand how their states are doing in developing and educating its citizens.

In Adult Learning in Focus: National and State-by-State Data, CAEL has teamed with the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems (NCHEMS) to provide states with the information needed to assess state performance on adult learning and identify where to direct future strategies.

Pdf of full report

This comprehensive report contains national and state-by-state data on adult learning. Included are data and comparative charts on adult educational attainment, adult learning participation, affordability, accessibility and aspiration. Also discussed are data gaps that need to be addressed and next steps for state education leaders.


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