Workforce Report

America’s Perfect Storm

Three powerful forces are having an impact on America’s future, according to [a 2007] ETS (Educational Testing Service)report, America’s Perfect Storm: Three Forces Changing our Nation’s Future (pdf). The forces to note are:a wide disparity in literacy and numeracy skills among school-age and adult populations;

  • changes in the economy resulting in new sources of wealth, novel patterns of international trade and a shift in the balance between capital and labor; and
  • demographic changes including a population increase from 300 million in 2005 to more than 360 million in 2030, an older and more diverse population, and continuing immigration.
  • The authors suggest that America is at a crossroads: leaving present-day policies in place will lead to greater inequity in wages and wealth, and increasing social and political polarization. On the other hand, if America changes its policies, “then we have an opportunity to reclaim the American dream in which each of us has a fair chance at sharing in any future prosperity.” This text is from

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